Aaron Vansintjan

Doctoral Researcher

Aaron holds an MSc in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University and a BA in Philosophy with a Minor in Environment from McGill University. He is a PhD candidate at the University of London, Birkbeck, co-supervised by Isabelle Anguelovski. His MSc focused on the history and political economy of food banks in Canada, and as part of his PhD, he investigates the effect of gentrification on food access of marginalized communities in Hanoi, Vietnam and Montreal, Canada, and how people may use food to resist or challenge development narratives and processes. As such, his research draws on urban geography, urban political ecology, ecological economics, and food studies.

His other academic interests include degrowth, the commons, political theory, environmental philosophy, and post-colonial thought. Aaron is also interested in decolonial and feminist research methodologies, as well as journalism, photography, and multi-media narratives. Aaron is a co-editor at Uneven Earth, an environmental politics website, and regularly publishes journalism and commentary.


  • Urban Politics
  • Urban Food Systems
  • Critical Geography
  • Comparative Urbanism
  • Urban Political Ecology
  • Environmental Justice

Affiliated Projects

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