A Barcelona-based research lab focused on urban environmental justice


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Postdoctoral Researcher Position


Green Inequalities

A space where our team members weigh in on green gentrification and environmental justice in cities


Food Gentrification in Montreal

A new study on the impacts of food access on low-income residents of Saint-Henri and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce


Are greener cities more equitable?

A Pilot Study in Barcelona


Stories of Urban Change in Hanoi

A new study by Nguyen Hôong Vân and Aaron Vansintjan


Food Privilege & Gentrification

Our studies on the changing role of food in ethnic communities


TESS Policy Briefs

Towards European Societal Sustainability: The Role of Community-Based Initiatives


Barcelona Headquarters

In partnership with ICTA-UAB and IMIM institutes in Barcelona


We develop novel research on environmental justice and sustainability that builds on urban planning, policy, and studies in social inequality and development.


Research Areas


Critically assessing the motivations of urban sustainability intiatives and their effects, such as green gentrification.

Health & Equity

Analyzing the patterns and causes of health inequality embedded in urbanization processes.

Global Environments

Identifying how economic and political forces on a global scale shape urban environmental outcomes at a local level.

New Methodologies

Developing the next generation of spatial analytic tools for analyzing urban environmental justice.

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Poorer residents tend to be confined to precarious housing in neighborhoods with worse air quality, limited access to healthy and affordable food, substandard public transit, and lower quality parks.

Anguelovski (2015)

The planning of new green infrastructure has been shown to induce substantial speculation and gentrification.

Pearsall (2008)

The risk of cardiovascular disease mortality is 4% lower, and that of all-cause mortality 8% lower, for residents with high residential exposure to green spaces.

Gascon et al. (2016)











Rooftop Gardens